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Apply to be an AJL-ICMT Postdoctoral Researcher

We invite applications to the Anthony J. Leggett Postdoctoral Fellowship. For details see . In addition we also invite applications to several departmental postdoctoral positions in condensed matter theory at the the Anthony J. Leggett Institute for Condensed Matter Theory of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. These positions start  on August 15, 2024. They will normally be expected to last for two or three years. Although departmental positions are typically more closely tied to a specific supporting project, all Illinois postdoctoral researchers are encouraged to take advantage of the extensive opportunities provided to develop breadth through wide-ranging collaborations. View the current members of the AJL-ICMT . Strong, creative individuals are encouraged to apply for these postdoctoral scholar and departmental post-doctoral positions, regardless of their specialties. For more information on how to apply, view the instructions below.



How to apply for postdoctoral positions at AJL-ICMT 

We announce several  postdoctoral openings for the Fall 2024 in several areas of Condensed Matter Theory supported by different grants.  Applications for these departmental positions are encouraged from outstanding individuals working in broad areas of Condensed Matter Physics. Postdoctoral positions at AJL-ICMT provide especially wide latitude in choosing research activities. Postdocs are encouraged to be broadly engaged with condensed matter research activities at Illinois.

Several postdoctoral positions in computational materials physics are available in the Fall 2024 part of the QMC-HAMM collaboration at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, with PIs David Ceperley, Elif Ertekin, Harley Johnson, and Lucas Wagner. QMC-HAMM is a DOE-sponsored multidisciplinary collaboration to use quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) calculations to derive high accuracy multiscale models for materials. Primary target materials are dense hydrogen and twisted bilayer graphene. Because the models are based on high accuracy QMC calculations, they serve as highly impactful references for studies of the target materials. Example multiscale models produced by our collaboration are available at Candidates should be interested in software and data development, as well as a relevant scientific skill to our collaboration. These skills include first principles electronic structure, effective models for electronic systems, continuum models for elasticity, uncertainty quantification, and machine learning methods for interatomic potentials. 

The Department of Physics of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is one of the preeminent Physics Departments in the world. For the past twenty years we have been ranked among the top ten Physics departments in the US and we are top ranked in Condensed Matter Physics. Condensed Matter Physics has a long tradition of excellence at Illinois, going back to the work of John Bardeen, Leon Cooper, and J. Robert Schrieffer in the first theory of superconductivity, and Anthony J. Leggett on the theory of superfluid 3He.

Our Institute was established in 2007 with support from the University of Illinois. This Fall 2023 it became the Anthony J. Leggett Institute for Condensed Matter Theory. AJL-ICMT faculty members work on very broad areas of research in Condensed Matter Physics. Quantum Materials is one of our main strengths and we are working in several key areas including Topological Phases of Matter, Quantum Hall fluids, High Temperature Superconductors, Ultra-Cold Gases, Simulations of Quantum Fluids and Quantum Materials, Non-Equilibrium Physics in Classical and Quantum Systems, Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Information in Condensed Matter, Quantum Criticality, and the AdS/CFT correspondence to Condensed Matter. Current AJL-ICMT faculty include Barry Bradlyn, Bryan Clark, David Ceperley, Karin Dahmen, Tom Faulkner, Rafael Fernandes, Eduardo Fradkin (current AJL-ICMT Director), Matthew Gilbert, Taylor L. Hughes, Jong Yeon Lee, Anthony J. Leggett, Robert G. Leigh, Philip Phillips, Michael Stone, Lucas K. Wagner, and Smitha Vishveshwara.

Postdoctoral researchers at Illinois interact with other theorists at Illinois, with the superb and large experimental condensed matter group, including members of the Materials Research Laboratory, the Illinois Quantum Information Science and Technology Center (IQUIST) and have access to unparalleled facilities for computation through the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA).

Applicants for postdoctoral positions at AJL-ICMT are invited to apply online at to submit their application, which must include a cover letter, curriculum vitae, list of publications, statement of research interests, and the names and email addresses of  three references. For full consideration applications should be received by November 1, 2023

Applicants for the QMC-HAMM postdoctoral positions are invited to apply online at before December 1, 2023, for full consideration; contact for more details.

If you have any questions or need assistance or accommodation in completing this application, please contact Ljubica Milutinovic, We welcome applications from women and minorities. The University of Illinois is an EEO Employer/Vet/Disabled



The University of Illinois is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer, and welcomes applications from minority and women candidates.