Short-Term Visitors

  • Rodrigo Soto Garrido, Pontificia Universidad (Fradkin) September 2019, ESB 3133
  • Alex Rasmussen, Universsty of Ohio, (Fradkin) August 2019 - September 2019, ESB2123
  • Yi Li, John Hopkins University, (Fradkin) August-October 2019, ESB 2123

Long-Term Visitors

  • Hongwei Niu, Harbin Institute of Technology, China, (Ceperley) August, 2019 thru July 2020; 3135 ESB
  • Marian Berek, Univerity of Waterloo, Canada, (Leggett) September - December, ESB 3129
  • Matthew Foulkes, Imperial College London, (Ceperley) September - December 2018, ESB 3133

Highlighted Paper


Modified Gravity

"Modified Gravity" is an event sponsored by the Illinois Center for Advanced Studies of the Universe and the Institute for Condensed Matter Theory, taking place in Urbana, Illinois on May 18 - 20, 2023 in 190 Engineering Sciences Building.

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together various experts in modified gravity from string theorists to cosmologists. GR has been experimentally verified a plethora of times and has passed all the tests so far, although these tests have been conducted at high precision only at what one might consider medium size scales (of the order of our solar system).  Despite this, aside from the very important and deep elusive question of quantization of the theory, there are cosmological (and classical) issues that the theory does not seem to be able to explain, such as the speed of expansion of the universe, dark energy and dark matter.  Therefore, there seems to be a need to modify gravity at very large and at very small scales. 

Strange Metal Virtual Workshop

We held a 3-day workshop between July 28-30, 2021  on strange metal physics observed in the panoply of materials ranging from cuprates to pnictides, heavy fermions, and TBLG.  The workshop will bring together (though virtually) experimentalists and theorists trying to address the fundamental issues of Planckian dissipation, quantum criticality, Mottness, and quadrature magnetic field scaling as they play out in these systems.

The daily schedule can be found here:  //ws.engr.illinois.edu/blogs/getfile/33/43502

Daily recorded talks can be found here:  https://mediaspace.illinois.edu/channel/Strange%2BMetal%2BWorkshop/220514283