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ICMT Scheduled Visitors

  • Pedro Lopez, ESB 2103, (Ryu) March 8-14
  • Yuan-Ming Lu, ESB 2103, (Ryu) March 8-9
  • Dr. Tsuneya Yoshida, ESB 2128, (Hughes) March 8-13

Upcoming ICMT Events

ICMT Seminar

Monday 3/9/2015: ICMT Seminar: "Measuring symmetry fractionalization in quantum spin liquids and beyond"
12:00 pm, Yuan-Ming Lu, Ohio State University

Wednesday 3/11/2015: ICMT Special Seminar: "Symmetry-protected topological phases with a reflection symmetry"
11:30 am, Tsyneya Yoshida, Condensed Matter Theory Laboratory, RIKEN, Japan

Mathematics/Physics Seminar

Thursday 3/5/2015: Math/Phys Seminar: "Logarithmic Corrections to Black Hole Entropy"
12:30 pm, Finn Larsen, University of Michigan

Condensed Matter Seminar

There are no Condensed Matter seminars scheduled this week.

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