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ICMT Scheduled Visitors

  • Neil Turok (Perimeter Institute) April 2014
  • David Simmons-Duffin (Princeton) April 2014
  • Suzanne Amador Kane (Haverford College ) May 2014
  • Charles Kane (University of Pennsylvania) May 2014
  • Srividya Iyer - Biswas (University of Chicago) Aug 2012- Aug 2014
  • Carmen Carbonell-Coronado (Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla, Spain) April-August 2014
  • Arbab Ibrahim Arbab (University of Khartoum) August-September 2014

Upcoming ICMT Events

ICMT Seminar

Monday 4/21/2014: ICMT Seminar: "On Quantum Tunneling"
12:00 pm, NOTE LOCATION: 280 MRL, 104 S. Goodwin
Dr. Neil Turok, Director, Perimeter Institute

Wednesday 4/23/2014: Special ICMT Seminar: "Matrix Product States and the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect"
2:00 pm, NOTE LOCATION: 280 MRL
Dr. Nicolas Regnault, l'Ecole Normale Superieure-Paris - Princeton University

Thursday 4/24/2014: ICMT Special Seminar: "Many-body localization: a macroscopic quantum phenomena in highly excited states"
4:00 pm, NOTE LOCATION: 280 MRL
Arijeet Pal, Harvard University

Mathematics/Physics Seminar

Thursday 4/24/2014: Math/Physics Seminar: "3d N=4 theories and knot homologies"
12:30 pm, 464 Loomis
Dr. Tudor Dimofte, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

Condensed Matter Seminar

Friday 4/18/2014: CM Seminar: "Scientific Challenges at the Intersection of Synthetic Chemistry and Condensed Matter Physics"
1:00 pm, 190 Engineering Sciences Bldg
Professor Danna Freedman, Northwestern University, Department of Chemistry

Friday 4/25/2014: CM Seminar: "New Horizons for Spin-Based Electronics: High Frequency and Novel Materials"
1:00 pm, 190 Engineering Sciences Bldg
Professor Ezekiel Johnston-Halperin, Deparment of Physics, Ohio State University


  • Congratulations to Assistant Professor Shinsei Ryu, for his selelection for a Sloan Research Fellowship by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. The two-year fellowships are awarded annually to 126 early-career scientists and scholars engaged in fundamental research, in recognition of distinguished performance and a unique potential to make substantial contributions to their field. More: http://physics.illinois.edu/news/story.asp?id=7579

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