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ICMT Scheduled Visitors

  • Pragya Shukla, Indian Institute of Technology, (Tony Leggett) 3129 ESB August 1- December 31, 2015
  • Marian Berek, University of Waterloo, (Tony Leggett) ESB 3129; August 16-December 15, 2015
  • Bruno R. De Abreu, Instituto de FĂ­sica "Gleb Wataghin" (Ceperley) ESB 3103

Upcoming ICMT Events

ICMT Seminar

Monday 11/30/2015: ICMT Seminar: "Half-filled Landau level and topological insulator surfaces"
12:00 pm, Professor T. Senthil, MIT

Tuesday 12/1/2015: ICMT Special Seminar: "Fractionalization and broken symmetries in the underdoped cuprates"
10:00 am, Debanjan Chowdhury, Dept. Of Physics of Harvard University

Thursday 12/3/2015: ICMT Special Seminar: "Dynamical Response of Many Body Localized Systems."
10:00 am, Vedika Khemani, Princeton University

Friday 12/4/2015: ICMT Special Seminar: " Holographic Mapping of Many-Body Localized System by Spectrum Bifurcation Renormalization Group"
10:00 am, Yizhuang You, Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, Santa Barbara California

Monday 12/7/2015: ICMT Seminar: Circumventing disorder and embracing frustration
12:00 pm, Dr. Hitesh Changlani, Univeristy of Illinois

Mathematics/Physics Seminar

Tuesday 12/1/2015: Mathematical and Theoretical Physics Seminar: "Professor Albion Lawrence"
12:30 pm, Professor Albion Lawrence, Brandeis University

Condensed Matter Seminar

Friday 12/4/2015: Condensed Matter Seminar: "That state of materials discovery: What do we make, and how?"
1:00 pm, Daniel Shoemaker, UIUC

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