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ICMT Seminar

Friday 10/31/2014: ICMT Seminar: "Numerical Study of a Bosonic Topological Insulator in Three Dimensions"
10:00 am, 190 ESB
Scott Geraedts

Friday 10/31/2014: ICMT Seminar: Braiding statistics of loops in three spatial dimensions
3:30 pm, 190 ESB
Chenjie Wang

Monday 11/3/2014: ICMT Seminar: "Local integrals of motion in the many-body localized phase"
12:00 pm, ESB 190
Antonello Scardicchio-Dept of Physics, Princeton Univ. - On leave from ICTP Trieste

Tuesday 11/4/2014: ICMT Seminar: Chong Wang
11:00 am, Chong Wang

Mathematics/Physics Seminar

Thursday 10/30/2014: Math/Phys: "Some aspects of large-N vector models and their higher-spin holography"
12:30 pm, 464 Loomis
Anastasios C. Petkou, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Thursday 11/6/2014: Math/Phys Seminar: "Revisiting the p - q duality of 2D quantum gravity"
12:30 pm, 345 Altgeld Hall
Dr. Martin Luu, U Illinois Math

Condensed Matter Seminar

Friday 10/31/2014: Condensed Matter Seminar: "Search for half-flux-quantum state in Sr2RuO4"
1:00 pm, 190 ESB
Ying Liu, Pennsylvania State University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University

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