Opportunities for Postdoctoral Research in ICMT

Eduardo group photo
Eduardo Group Asado (Barbecue), Urbana, May 2013: (from left to right) Rudro Biswas (postdoc), Pouyan Ghaemi (postdoc), Rodrigo Soto Garrido (graduate student), Eduardo, Claudia (not shown), Jeffrey Teo (postdoc), Xiao Chen (graduate student), Ponnuraj Krishnakumar (graduate student), Yizhi You (graduate student)

Applications are invited to fill several postdoctoral positions in condensed matter theory at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. These positions start August 15, 2020. They will normally be expected to last for two or three years, and are associated with the Institute for Condensed Matter Theory at Illinois. Current ICMT faculty include: Barry Bradlyn, David Ceperley, Bryan Clark, Karin Dahmen, Eduardo Fradkin, Nigel Goldenfeld, Taylor Hughes, Philip Phillips, Mike Stone, Smitha Vishveshwara, and Lucas Wagner.

Postdoctoral Moore Scholars at ICMT will have wide latitude in their choice of research activities in Quantum Materials, and will be encouraged to be broadly engaged with condensed matter research activities at Illinois. Further information about Moore postdoctoral fellowships at ICMT is available from the ICMT website. For more information about the Moore Scholar postdoctoral positions and how to apply, please visit the postdoctoral Moore Scholars page. Apply for a Moore Postdoctorial Scholar position at https://my.physics.illinois.edu/submit/go.asp?id=1399

Applications are also invited to fill departmental postdoctoral position. All these positions can be applied for concurrently with the ICMT Moore Postdoctoral Scholar positions.   Although departmental positions are typically more closely tied to a specific supporting project, all Illinois postdoctoral researchers are encouraged to take advantage of the extensive opportunities provided to develop breadth through wide-ranging collaborations. Strong, creative individuals are encouraged to apply for these postdoctoral scholar and departmental post-doctoral positions, regardless of their specialties.

Apply for a Departmental Postdoctorial Scholar position at https://my.physics.illinois.edu/submit/go.asp?id=1400

For full consideration the Application deadline is November 1, 2019.

QMC-HAMM on multiscale physics Postdoctorial Position

The successful candidate will work with a DOE-supported collaboration QMC-HAMM on multiscale physics, led by David Ceperley including Elif Ertekin, Harley Johnson, Matthew Turk, and Lucas Wagner. In this collaboration, we are developing software to link information from highly accurate quantum Monte Carlo methods to coarse-grained descriptions of materials. The focus of the collaboration is in the metal-insulator transition of hydrogen and in two-dimensional materials, including bilayer graphene. <\p>

To apply, you should have data and programming skills, as well as familiarity with electronic structure methods and an interest to understand the link between multiple physics scales. The position will start in August of 2020, although that time is negotiable. For full consideration, apply by Dec 15, 2019, although applications may be considered after that time.<\p>

This is a separate application from the other applcaitons and if you want to be considered, you must fillout the application here: https://my.physics.illinois.edu/submit/go.asp?id=1424


Condensed matter theory faculty at Illinois interact with other theorists at Illinois, with the superb and large experimental condensed matter group, including members of the Seitz Materials Research Laboratory, and have access to unparalleled facilities for computation through the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, including the new Blue Waters facility. They also interact with biologists elsewhere on campus, including through the University's Institute for Genomic Biology.

How to apply for postdoctoral positions at ICMT (see FAQ)

The University of Illinois is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer, and welcomes applications from minority and women candidates.

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