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Workshop on Large Fluctuations and

Collective Phenomena in Disordered Materials

Institute for Condensed Matter Theory
Materials Computation Center
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

May 16-19, 2011



Tuesday, May 17, 2011

9:00am     Welcome - Dale van Harlingen, Head Department of Physics, University of Illinois


Session Chair: Karin Dahmen

9:05am      David Campbell - Transfer of Bose-Einstein Condensates through Discrete Breathers in an Optical Lattice

9:35am      Richard Weaver - Seismic Noise Correlations

10:05am    Alfred Hübler - Emergence of Complex Functionality in Physically Evolving Networks

10:35am    Coffee break

10:55am    Laura Greene - Detection of novel electronic order in Fe-based superconducting (and related) materials with point contact spectroscopy

11:25am    Michael Assaf - Rare Fluctuations and Large Scale Circulation Cessations in Turbulent Convection

11:55pm    Eduard Vives - Large Fluctuations During the Boiling Crisis

12:25pm    Lunch


Session Chair: Nir Friedman

1:40pm      Sascha Hilgenfeldt - Fracture in Aqueous Foam

2:10pm      Karin Dahmen - Crackling Noise and Universality

2:40pm      Mark Robbins - Effect of Inertia on Avalanche Distributions in Sheared Amorphous Solids

3:10pm      Coffee Break

3:30pm      Michael Falk – Metallic Glass Failure Modes Studied via Molecular Dynamics Simulation

4:00pm      Luiza AnghelutaAvalanche Statistics and Intermittency in Topological Defects Mediated Flows

4:30pm      Dervis VuralUniversal sound Attenuation in Amorphous solids at Low Temperatures

5:00pm      Poster Session



Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Session Chair: Georgios Tsekenis

9:00am      Gordon BaymNeutron Star Glitches

9:30am      Bob Behringer - Fluctions in Granular Materials

10:00am    Corey O’HernBasins of Attraction of Mechanically Stable Packings on the Density Landscape

10:30am    Coffee Break

10:50am    Craig Maloney – Avalanches and Diffusion Near Jamming

11:20am    Douglas Durian – Unsteadiness and Dynamical Heterogeneities in Dense Granular Materials

11:50am    Karen DanielsStick-Slip Failure in Sheared Granular Materials

12:10pm    Group photo

12:20pm    Lunch


Session Chair: Tyler Earnest

1:40pm      Georgios Tsekenis - Dislocations Jam at Any Density

2:10pm      Julia GreerIntermittent Nano-Mechanical Properties of Small-Scale Crystals

2:40pm      Dennis Dimiduk - Intermittent Flow in Microcrytal Plasticity

3:10pm      Coffee Break

3:30pm      David Lockner - Transitional and Non-Regular Response in High Pressure Rock Friction Experiments

4:00pm      David Jiles - Theory and Practice -- Making use of the Barkhausen Effect

4:30pm      Stefanos Papanikolaou - Universality in Theory and Experiments: Looking at Shapes of Scaling Functions

5:00pm      Poster Session

6:30pm      Banquet




Thursday, May 19, 2011

Session Chair: Braden Brinkman


9:00am      Dale van Harlingen - Chiral order parameter domain structure and dynamics in Sr2RuO4.

9:30 am     Eduardo Fradkin - Electronic Liquid Crystal Phases in Strongly Correlated Systems

10:00 am   Erica Carlson - Spatial Complexity Due to Incipient Electronic Nematicity in Cuprates 

10:30am    Coffee Break

10:50am   Mike Weissman - Low frequency noise signatures of broken symmetry in YBCO Pseudogap

11:20 am  Zeb Rocklin - Addressing Soft-Matter Questions Using Quantum Many-Body Tools

11:50 am  Lance Cooper - Spectroscopic Studies of Fluctuations in Magnetically Frustrated Materials